Our strategy includes:

  • Identifying companies that present the greatest opportunity for value creation

  • Focusing on quality transactions

  • Leaving the day to day operation of portfolio companies to management. As significant investors, we add value through our support and advice at the board of directors level

  • Exploring potential local partnerships

  • Building a regional deal team overseeing the investment process, sourcing deals and building up the investment portfolio, conducting due diligence, structuring and negotiating investment terms, coordinating with the Investment Committee, monitoring the investments (including sitting on the boards of portfolio companies) and concluding attractive exit options

As a result of our deep and longstanding commitment to emerging markets, our team has extensive knowledge and experience in both sourcing and exiting deals. Our investment strategy is to acquire control or significant interest with board representation in companies demonstrating the following:

  • Strong management

  • Appropriate corporate governance practices

  • Significant commitment by management

  • Attractive and growing niche markets

  • Market leadership and sustainable competitive advantages

  • Stable and growing operating cash flows

  • Value added product and/or services

Investor Relations

At the core of our business lies our relationship with our investors. A deep understanding and knowledge of our investors’ needs allows us to be selective in offering them co-investment opportunities. In addition, a key element in our post acquisition strategy is to capitalise on our network by expanding the operations of our portfolio companies within the region through partnerships with our investors.

Our shareholders and investors also act as an important deal source for us. Through our regional network of large business groups, our investors look to us as business partners for their expansion plans as well as a potential buyer for their non-core businesses. Transparency and information flow are key to our investor relationships.